The Shortest StrawSeptember 28th, 2016
tags: love

An excerpt from my book...

    One Monday night when I was five my family was having Family Home Evening as usual. We were a family of eight back then since your aunt Trina hadn’t been born. We must have filled every chair in our small family room as my ...

InclusionNovember 23rd, 2015
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I have two competing ideas about how I love:

One - “I make loving choices as I’m guided by the Good in me. The experience of living in alignment with Love is all I ever need. 

Two - “I make loving choices with the expectation that it will have a particular ...

DramaSeptember 23rd, 2015
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Drama can feel purposeful. Noticing circumstances that provide something to compare myself against can produce a sense of meaning and importance. Like others, I have identified myself in contrast to what I decide I don't like.

But there is no conflict in Love.

So my desire is to release beliefs that support high drama and to identify more ...

Ideas of LoveJuly 18th, 2015
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God awoke...within the morning’s glistening horizon...and cast His mind upon...infinite waves

Fractures of light...afloat on His desire

Ideas of Love...bobbing about the to and fro


Dancing for their lives...singing solo...and in harmony

Opened and witnessed...spent


Until...hearing God’s call...His ...

My Dear Daughter(s)May 9th, 2015
tags: love

Dear daughter,

Last night when we talked you sounded more down than I’ve heard you in a long time. I could feel your sadness and your struggle to stay hopeful.

The ‘protective mother’ part of me wants to save you from this struggle. I want to say the right words ...

The Creek and the StarsDecember 6th, 2014
tags: love

When my inspiration fails me, I rediscover gratitude for those who have opened to their own genius and offered it up. The mystic poet Rumi has been a friend to me, and it’s O.K. to rely on good friends. We were never meant to do this alone...

The Creek ...

The Woman God ForgotNovember 22nd, 2014
tags: love

Mother dreamed of being loved

But where do you go when God is against you?

So far away you lose yourself

She lives in a night terror

Visiting images of her shame

The world can't love enough the woman God forgot.

I Am EnoughAugust 23rd, 2014
tags: love

I need not judge another 'down' in order to know myself 'up'.

I need not assess another 'wrong' in order to sense myself 'right'. This is the habit born of my "only true church" upbringing, afloat in self righteousness.

As I experience myself good in the eyes of God, in ...

Loving MyselfJuly 26th, 2014
tags: love

I knew how to love Al better than I loved myself.

So, when he came to my home with affected speech and slight weakness on his left side, I knew how to forgive him. I knew how to get him to an emergency room. I knew how to ask the ...

Mother LoveMay 11th, 2013
tags: love

From my journal June 2012...

"Last nightI began meditating a little earlier so I wouldn’t be so tired and fall asleep. Was thinking about Erin, about my girls when they were babies. I was so young - hadn’t felt ready to be a mother - had not felt mothered myself.

I'd been ...

Someone to LoveFebruary 23rd, 2013
tags: love

I woke up a few mornings ago and realized "I need someone or something in my life to love." I'm very focused on creating this business - don't have the spare attention I think a relationship deserves - so I'm not ready to date seriously, but I need to give Love ...

The Love HormoneFebruary 17th, 2013
tags: love

Your smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Adrenaline is pumped into your system. Your amygdala, the area in your brain that processes fear, revs up. At the same time, the hormone oxytocin might also be released, regulating your amygdala's activity. The likelyhood of this hormonal intervention ...

Pray LoveFebruary 9th, 2013
tags: love

Sure, for some of us Valentines Day is a reminder that we don't have a special someone in our life.

Love anyway.

when sadness opens wide the dark
pray love into it
when emptiness pierces your heart
pray love into it

when aloneness is all there is
pray love into ...

BothJanuary 5th, 2013
tags: love

I was reading in my journal the other day, imagining my new life, when I came across this entry from a few years ago. It's a good reminder of where I've been and where I'm going.


A few days ago I was looking in the mirror and ...

Thoughts on ChristDecember 8th, 2012
tags: love

As Christmas is here, I've turned my attention toward thoughts on Christ and the Love that he taught.I think I see a disconnect between what I believe were his intentions, and the way we've applied these teachings. (May I keep an open heart, even while noticing what is not ...

Room EnoughAugust 11th, 2012
tags: love

"What's it like to be a twin?" I heard it all the time growing up and I always had the same response - "I don't know. I've never been anything else." And it was true. Being a twin was so much a part of me, it was impossible for ...

Magnificent ManJune 23rd, 2012
tags: love

You are shining
my magnificent man
shaven head and withered arms
cry out for pity
in vain

Your body, foreign
but for the bonfire in your eyes
for muscle and skin deep winter
for the windows of your soul
the fourth of july
all blasting and sparkl

you are shining ...

A Moment of LoveJune 16th, 2012
tags: love

A journal entry from my book - July 2002

A moment of remembering...

When love assumes a forward position in my awareness, when I invite it out of the cheap seats, and into it’s rightful place, front and center, I know it. An undercurrent of calm and a sense of breadth ...