EternityNovember 15th, 2016
tags: listening

Today I know I have a choice, to focus on the conflict or find another response…..

Today I spend time in a state of openness to Source Love. Today I know that this ability, this willingness to let go of everything that is less than True, is indisputably mine. It ...

A Good ListenerDecember 31st, 2015
tags: listening

My dear sister,

I know your pain. Please don't believe yourself so far from me that you deny this. I’ve been where you are now.

I know how it feels to believe that love has betrayed you. I have visited the despair of "there is no love" repeatedly as I've ...

What We're Made OfFebruary 21st, 2015
tags: listening

My first marathon was the San Francisco in 1997. I trained with the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society’s Team in Training because I knew I was much more likely to go the distance if crossing the finish line meant benefitting another.

There’s a lot I could say about the lessons learned ...

JoyMay 24th, 2014
tags: listening

It’s a matter of orientation.

The common thought is that if I do something I’ll experience joy. But if I follow that thinking, I’m still oriented from the outside in. That doesn’t work.

Sure, I enjoy painting. The idea is, then, to paint and experience joy. Moments of joy in ...

Get BiggerApril 19th, 2014
tags: listening

Get Bigger.

It's been simmering in me - the question. The mysterious, unknown nature of the feminine - the context, the darkness, the void from which all is born.

Maybe I'm just now touching it, aligning with it. Less fear getting in the way.

The mistaken belief was that I was small ...

the good thingNovember 30th, 2013
tags: listening

you needn't look so bewildered
it's very simple
my reference resides
within my skin

where i know i'll find Love
every time

where the struggle happens
where i come to terms
where my truth lives
where i feel God

does that suprise you?

i'm the good thing

My Imperfect BodyApril 7th, 2013
tags: listening

After Al died I desperately needed to find a way to bring my spiritual experiences closer to my physical reality. I began studying various spiritual traditions and practices, but found that even the most well-intended of them lacked the full, original, unadulterated insight that I needed. I attributed this to ...

Making SpaceJanuary 19th, 2013
tags: listening

From my journal. Rambling but honest...


I wanted to believe I was good. I wanted to be able to point to something positive in my life and say “See, I am good.” - as though physical evidence would prove it true.

I didn’t want to face ...