OwnershipJanuary 24th, 2016
tags: forgiveness

From my journal 1/24/2016

A dream....

The young women has created something new. She's taken unworked lengths of wood and formed them into a unique shape with a trough down the middle. This design makes the wood very useful. She shows it to her powerful male friend.

She ...

Forgiven: A True StoryAugust 22nd, 2015
tags: forgiveness

"I've, I've fallen off the top. If I make things...right with you...everything will be O.K." Al sat across from me, earnestly beseeching my help. Al, the lover who had manipulated, betrayed, belittled and abused me for nearly ten years. I'd left him a year ago, but ...

Ride Going NowhereAugust 31st, 2013
tags: forgiveness

i left part of me behind

the best part
is waiting at the station

i jumped on board without it
to catch a ride
going nowhere

and now i am there
needing forgiveness

A Poem for MotherMay 18th, 2013
tags: forgiveness

From the book of poems I gave my mother for Christmas 2004

One moment with my mother
stretching back through the years
to touch me in my tenderness
to know me for the first time

One moment together
her eyes so willing to see me
so willing to see herself ...

EasterMarch 2nd, 2013
tags: forgiveness

We've all had something die.

Some of us have suffered the death of a loved one, some of us the death of a pet. Nearly all of us have experienced the 'death' of a long-held belief, relationship or dream. We know the pain of loss.

I'm sure that's why Easter ...