A Perfect MomentDecember 2nd, 2016
tags: empathy

I'd meant to leave early enough this morning to miss the school-bound traffic, but didn't. I've been feeding my daughter's cat while she's gone and haven't got a routine yet. Between my house and hers is 2.5 miles of a 2-lane, fall-soaked stretch of coffee shops, bakeries, apartments and ...

Keep SingingMarch 12th, 2016
tags: empathy

It seems to happen to me at 30,000 feet.

This time it was a Frontier flight from Chicago to Portland. The middle seat had been assigned to a son whose mother was inexplicably condemned to a seat in the rear of the plane. He traded down and the fateful ...

Dear Mr. PresidentJune 25th, 2015
tags: empathy

Dear Mr. President,

I listened to your Marc Maron podcast the other day. Thank-you for making yourself accessible, for the chance to experience you in a person-to-person, man-cave-garage dialogue.

Even though I read your book Dreams from My Father several years ago, it touched me to listen to you shed ...

DialogueSeptember 27th, 2014
tags: empathy

I 'find myself' in dialogue.

I've stumbled into a conversation with my daughter and son-in-law about Duck Dynasty. We move quickly into a deep discussion about gun control, Louisiana, and gay marriage.

This is no argument. We're on the same side of any major political or philisophical divides.

"I watched ...

Women of the WolvesDecember 22nd, 2012
tags: empathy

It's at times like this that I hold still. I'm stunned, afraid of my own reaction, so I quiet myself.

At times like this, when all that's wrong with 'the world' is shoved so forcefully into my awareness, I withhold - I don't touch down, don't land on 'my take'. I ...