IdentityFebruary 7th, 2016
tags: choices

From my journal 2/7/2016

As a woman raised in a patriarchal system I was taught to obey the authority of men who had a misunderstanding about Love. These men defined God in terms that established themself in a superior position. From this elevated and uninformed stance they judged the value of women. 

Today I say to them, “Your error is no longer my error.” 

Today I have a new understanding.

Today I know I have a choice.

Today I am changing my identity from "misjudged and misunderstood woman" to “innocent, beloved and powerful daughter of God” one belief and one reference point at a time. And it’s working. I can feel the habit of anxiety leaving my body as I release erroneous beliefs and spend time in quiet certainty.

Today I draw close to the God of my own understanding in the gentle inclusion that is my heart.

Today I am at peace and rest here, knowing that this place beyond form and opposites is my true Home, my true Identity.