EternityNovember 15th, 2016
tags: listening

Today I know I have a choice, to focus on the conflict or find another response…..

Today I spend time in a state of openness to Source Love. Today I know that this ability, this willingness to let go of everything that is less than True, is indisputably mine. It has always been mine and now I use it deliberately. I welcome the absence of facts, reason and judgement, and rest in the experience of ease and receptivity.

Today I suspend self-righteous inclinations. I allow myself to not think I already know. I ask. I listen. I leave the gate open. I stay aloft. If I don’t touch down I’m available to perception that has no opposites.

The peace of listening begins to feel like Home. This is where I wanted to be all along. 

If answers are needed, they’ll come. There’s no hurry. This is eternity.