DramaSeptember 23rd, 2015
tags: love

Drama can feel purposeful. Noticing circumstances that provide something to compare myself against can produce a sense of meaning and importance. Like others, I have identified myself in contrast to what I decide I don't like.

But there is no conflict in Love.

So my desire is to release beliefs that support high drama and to identify more and more with the natural flow, love and wisdom that moves through me moment to moment. As I’m more attuned, the contrast and drama become unnecessary as defining structures. 

This means the emotions related to suffering, sacrifice and pain are released as identifiers or references points from which I draw meaning and power. My identity becomes anchored in the experience of acceptance, peace, joy and the extension of Love as I’m guided by the inspiration of my Higher Self.

A belief structure that depends on the cooperative participation of others is no longer necessary. I live in the certainty of my place within the larger context of Source Love.