InclusionNovember 23rd, 2015
tags: love

I have two competing ideas about how I love:

One - “I make loving choices as I’m guided by the Good in me. The experience of living in alignment with Love is all I ever need. 

Two - “I make loving choices with the expectation that it will have a particular effect. I use ‘love’ to control outcomes.”

I find myself bouncing back and fourth between these ideas. I have to remind myself that when I look for my answers in another's response, I'm looking to give part of myself away. It's only when I let go of the need for a specific outcome that I have the experience I really want, the fullness of Who I am. 

I don't need to be afraid that I'll "lose" something by releasing control. I’m able to escape the expectation of a return when I realize we’re all one in Love, that what I did for others with loving intent, I also did for myself. Living in God’s Love is enough - it’s all my soul desires.