FreedomOctober 22nd, 2015
tags: choices

The unspoken assumption is that the one with the words has the power to define the terms because they wield the tools and the skills with which to define. And the accompanying assumption, that everything is definable and controllable by words and concepts. Another has defined "reality" and I must allow them to decide my place within it.

And I once again escape their assumption....the circular experience of my self that is determined by the projections of the one in 'power' matter that the one in power is invested in defining me 'wrong'....worse, they see my assets and I become bound to their ideas, become content with their approval or positive regard. I reject their polarizing assessment and the premise from which it was formed.

And I lift myself out of the bottomless cycle by accessing a reference point within myself unaffected by another's opinion, good or bad...releasing all ideas about what others believe I should be, and the 'love' they'll bring if I comply...believing the peace of my subjective experience which lies beyond the definition and judgements of others...untouchable....believing it more than any external opinion or influence...holding this place and allowing wisdom and knowing to distill upon my wisdom, direct knowing, direct love, direct experience. I am good because God Himself created me good....and I am free. I forgive myself for ever having accepted any other definitions.