I Am EnoughAugust 23rd, 2014
tags: love
I Am Enough

I need not judge another 'down' in order to know myself 'up'.

I need not assess another 'wrong' in order to sense myself 'right'. This is the habit born of my "only true church" upbringing, afloat in self righteousness.

As I experience myself good in the eyes of God, in the arms of Love, I feel no need to judge another below me. My good is plenty, and don't need to look to another to know it.

What am I relating to?

Not another's failings. Not to my physical being.

I'm relating to that which is most true in both of us. Relating to courage. Relating to curiosity. Relating to freedom, to creativity, to compassion, to open-heartedness. Relating to passion, to wisdom, to their beauty and their hope for their lives.