JoyMay 24th, 2014
tags: listening

It’s a matter of orientation.

The common thought is that if I do something I’ll experience joy. But if I follow that thinking, I’m still oriented from the outside in. That doesn’t work.

Sure, I enjoy painting. The idea is, then, to paint and experience joy. Moments of joy in an otherwise joyless existence?

My moments of greatest joy are when I’m silent and still, when I let go of all judgements and thoughts. I don’t require an activity to get there.

Let go of the criteria. Let go of the power that the criteria holds. “If ________ happens, then I’ll experience joy.”

Joy is within my reach regardless of circumstance. Let go of all judgement surrounding the circumstance. Let the moment be just as it is, what ever it is, and allow myself freedom from what I thought it was suppose to be.

The assumption, then, is that joy lives within me, and as I let go of judgements about my specific circumstances, I’ll experience that joy naturally. Oriented from the inside out.

This is more and more true, bit by bit.