Making MovesFebruary 15th, 2014
tags: choices
Making Moves

It was time to make a move, literally and figuratively. The idea had been inching up on me for a long time, but there was just so much other stuff in front of me, it was easy to put off.

I moved around so much growing up, no one place ever felt like home, and I'm not sure I'll ever find a place that does. Even so, I was suspecting that there was an area that was more conducive - a city with less baggage attached, fewer memories that dragged on me.

But moving's a big deal, and it wasn't entirely clear the direction to go. I wanted to wait until the choice became obvious, and it did.

It often happens that way - when I try to make a decision, a choice between 'this' or 'that', and I can't sense the best way to go, rather than force myself, I wait. Invariably, if I ease off and give a little space and time, something will shift, either in me or in the circustances, and when I look again, the choice is obvious, compelling.

Of course, not every decision can or should wait. Life has momentum, so I have other ways to approach decision making. The most important one I call "listening".

It begins with the assumption that one of the choices, 'this' or 'that', is already the better choice - the one that's closer to what I truly want. With 'listening' I'm just trying to discern which path that is.

So, I ask.

I ask myself, actually my Self, which option is closer to the Truth about me. Then I get quiet. I watch my thoughts. I sense my inner sensations. I suspend judgement and allow impressions to float up in my awareness. This is listening.

The two, maybe three, options are before me. At some level, my inner wisdom knows which is best. Perhaps I just let my mind drift lightly over an imagined 'picture' of each, and see which one my body's inner knowing responds to.

Does something 'click' into place? Do my thoughts feel calm, simple and obvious? Do I feel a bubbly sensation rise up from my gut? Am I excited to take the fist steps? I've had each of these be an indicator of which was the best choice, like the fog dispersed and the path lit up in front of me.

This is inspiration, and I can follow this 'guidance' with confidence and joyful anticipation.