The Creek and the StarsDecember 6th, 2014
tags: love
The Creek and the Stars

When my inspiration fails me, I rediscover gratitude for those who have opened to their own genius and offered it up. The mystic poet Rumi has been a friend to me, and it’s O.K. to rely on good friends. We were never meant to do this alone...

The Creek and the Stars

Spirit is so mixed with the visible world that giver,

gift, and beneficiary are

one thing. You are the grace raining down, the grace

is you. Creation is

a clear, flat, fast-moving creek, where qualities reflect.

Generations rush by, while

the stars stay still without a splash. When you lose your

appetite for food, you’ll

be given other nourishment. There’s well-being that is not

bodily and beings

that live on fragrance. Don’t worry about losing animal

energy. Go the way of love

and ask provision. Love more the star region reflected,

less the moving medium