The War of ArtOctober 25th, 2014
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The War of Art

You don’t know until you make the commitment - until you begin the diet, start the business, commit to the spiritual path - just how much resistance you’re in for.

I expected it to be a challenge. I knew that starting my new business, and journaling about my spiritual journey, would have obstacles. I imagined coming face-to-face with the unfamiliar and the discouraging, but I thought the process would be clean. I thought my journaling would be tidy, and that I’d have the insight to convey my experiences in an engaging, google-search-worthy, enlightening package.

Instead, this creative pursuit has exposed unconscious, self-sabotaging relationships and beliefs that have remained, despite all previous efforts, and undermined my life and my happiness. My commitment to creating something worthy, something that accurately reflects the best I know to be true about myself, has become an exercise in vigilance, persistence, courage and humility beyond anything I anticipated.

In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield describes with intimate transparency the role of resistance in the creative process. It will easily and surely become one of my life-lines and a dog-eared companion, becuse this humble, honest little book has helped me forgive myself for not being better at this. This is how Art is born.

So, tidy, search-worthy and engaging have been abandoned for clear, simple and true. If it happens to be enlightening, great. I’ll consider it a happy surprise.

I’ve been including excerpts directly from my personal journal, sharing more about the emotional process of confronting my limiting beliefs. I'll be doing more of that.

I won’t whine. I’ll try not to self-indulge and I'll make an effort to share something of value.