Someone to LoveFebruary 23rd, 2013
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Someone to Love

I woke up a few mornings ago and realized "I need someone or something in my life to love." I'm very focused on creating this business - don't have the spare attention I think a relationship deserves - so I'm not ready to date seriously, but I need to give Love. Period.

So I jumped online, Ebay classifieds to be specific, and did a search for puppies. I've never had my own dog, but I'd toyed with the idea of getting one on-and-off, so I had some notion of what type of dog I wanted - small, so it could travel easily with me, bred for companionship, so it will care if I'm around (cats don't seem to notice!) and non-shedding, hypoallergenic.

A search for "puppies" in my area brought up just a few, with pictures. There was only one that caught my eye, a 10 week old, black and white, Maltese/Pomeranian mix. I called the number immediately and set up a time to meet the breeder. Next day I drove the hour and a half north to meet them.

I saw her face as they drove into the parking lot. She was peeking over the shoulder of the woman in the passenger seat, and I knew immediately she was for me - curious, intelligent, adorable. She made the drive home with her little head resting on my thigh.

I named her Bo. She hates to be alone at any time, but especially at night. I don't sleep well any more. She pees everywhere and barks incessantly if she's separated from me in any way - even by a small security fence she can see through.

No-one said Love was easy.

Note: I've since done the research and found that Maltese is one of the oldest breeds, bred by the Greeks as companion dogs. They never left their owners, 'traveling' in the sleeves of their robes. It's all clear to me now....