The Fifth ChakraOctober 5th, 2013
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The Fifth Chakra

The eye of the needle...the fifth chakra...the process of facing negative beliefs, conscious and unconscious, and allowing love to transform them...

Reading "The Mythic Image" by Joseph Campbell and the Kundalini Yoga book from my sister, I better understand what's at stake. This is the gateway, the clashing rocks, the guardian of the threshold.

In his chapter "Transformations of the Inner Light" Campbell describes the experience of waking the fourth chakra - the heart chakra - as "the place where the sound is heard that is not made by any two things striking together".

"Once the great mystery sound has been heard, the whole desire of the heart will be to learn to know it more fully, to hear it, not through things and during certain fortunate moments only, but immediately and forever. The attainment of this end will be the project of the next chakra, the fifth chakra..."

In the Upanishad, the fifth chakra is described as "...the sharpened edge of a razor, hard to traverse". The practitioner at the "purgatorial fifth chakra" is striving to clear their consciousness of the "turbulence of secondary things". It is called "Vishudda", which means "purified".

The fifth chakra is about communication. The focus is on our will and it's expression. At this level love has been awakened and we are aware of the "secondary" agenda of our ego. We are beginning the process of choosing between the will of our ego and the will of God. he way is narrow because to 'hear' God's Will one must be aligned and attuned. Less than loving beliefs and influences of the ego can, and do, distract.

And yet, this is "the whole desire of the heart", and as we clear our consciousness of the beliefs, traditions and judgements that our ego would have us cling to - we are more able to join our will with God's Will and allow it's expression. This is the experience of 'genius', of creative expression moving freely from Higher consciousness through us.

This is Love being brought to this physical experience, one belief at a time.