From ScratchSeptember 29th, 2012
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From Scratch

I've got to tell you about my printer. No, not my HP, the women who are printing my business cards.

First, I'll tell you how I found them.

I knew what kind of card I wanted, but didn't know where to get it done. I had a sample business card I'd been given years before, that I took to a couple of nearby print shops, and one of them told me it was letterpress. I came home and Googled "letterpress Northern California" and found Full Circle Press in Grass Valley.

When the owner, Judith, returned my call, she told me a little about letterpress, which is a type of relief printing using an actual printing press. She let me know we'd be able to do the whole transaction, design and all, through email. I was grateful for the option of avoiding the hour-long drive to Grass Valley, but another part of me really wanted to see the process of how the cards were made. I asked Judith if I could visit their shop and bring my design ideas with me.

I love that part of me that wants to know how things are done, how things are made. The more time I spend with my computer, printer and smart phone, the more I appreciate the hands-on, the home made and the one-of-a-kind.

I spent a couple of hours at their printing shop. They showed me the presses, samples of some of the work they've done and the process for translating my design from a digital computer file into a physical, touchable work of art. These ladies are true artisans. They know what they're doing, they love it, and they create a superior product.

It was a great connection. Great ladies. Great day.

I love doing things from scratch.