Aunt Golda's PurseAugust 25th, 2012
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Aunt Golda's Purse

My Aunt Golda had a brown, leather purse - the same one for years. I remember it vividly, soft and wrinkled from high-quality cow hide and years of good use. It has a place in my memory because, each year when she came to visit us from her home in San Francisco, she'd sit down with me and begin digging in that purse. It was packed tight as a cabbage roll with a bulging wallet, coin purse, hankies, nail scissors, receipts, lipstick, and infinite folds of mysterious scraps of paper. We were mining for one particular scrap of paper.

Without fail, and always to my utter amazement, she'd find it - the drawing I'd done for her the last time she'd come to visit.

In a previous post I wrote about being a twin and going quiet. There aren't many places to go when you go quiet, so I went inward. I went inside, where imagination, reflection and creativity live. Carl Jung called it the "collective unconscious". I call it "being invisible", going to zero, the place where non-objects hang out. It was my default stance, really, my only option, and it became familiar territory.

I became an "artist" by age four - really, just an artist at heart. Because the ability to create something from that quiet place, something that came from the beautiful in me, something that my Aunt Golda would keep with her in her purse all the time,saved me. And what was once an unconscious, passive option, has now become an active choice - to access the dark, silence inside myself and create from that place.

So I write about creativity, celebrate it, advocate for it.

Don't be afraid.

Be invisible. Go to zero. Hang out in the place where there are no objects. Face the blank page and welcome the blank canvas. It just might save your soul.

Go inside and create something beautiful.

i am all that is possible
love's response to life's fears
all the good forgotten
is remembered in me
born of light
i am heaven's fresh gift