Writing MyselfJuly 7th, 2012
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Writing Myself

I'd never thought of myself as a writer. Other than a personal journal, I'd never felt the urge to express myself in written word - that was for people with something to say. But, I'd left my life behind, and before I could move forward again, I needed to 'pull myself together'. Writing seemed the best way to do that. I had a record, had been diligent about keeping my journal, and now I could use it - bring all the reference points together in one place. I called it "writing (righting) myself".

What began as an exercise in clarity became a labor of love. When people asked how my story was coming along, I'd say "I'm falling in love with myself." It was true. From the vantage point of just-enough-time-and-distance, I could appreciate the 'me' I had been through the years. My heart, and sometimes my eyes, filled to overflowing for the woman I saw myself becoming through the events in my journal- a journey of self love.

Writing has now become one of the activities I use to express my true nature. With it, I look for my soft spots, my personal impressions and experiences that demand my vulnerability and honesty. When I'm fully engaged and competely focused on my intent to create something of beauty, I feel free. That's where I want to be.

From the back cover of my book...

"Why did I come? To know the experience of Love. And why did I stay? I stayed becasue Love was there.

I know Love lives in me, the way I know there is breath in me, that my heart beats in this chest. Look, I ask my toes to wiggle, and I sense the motion of my muscles. I have movement through the life in my nerves and fiber.

This is how I know Love, in my breath, in my fiber, in my being. What is the best thing I learned? That Love is and Love stays."