The Power to CreateJune 30th, 2012
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The Power to Create

It has everything to do with remembering the beauty that we are. We each have this power, the power to create, and it is indelibly bound to our awareness of the truth that lives within us.

Of course I’m talking about creativity in the most straight forward sense - when inspired, we write a poem or produce a painting. This can undoubtably be an expression of inner beauty.

I’m also talking about ‘creating’ with a capital “C”. The idea that our reality is subject to the contents of our own minds has been known by a few for a very long time, and has gained popularity over the last several years.

Financial success and soul mate search aside, my own creative intentions have been focused on creating clarity, healing and love in my relationships, including my relationship with myself. I’ve had some amazing success and can offer this - the closer you live to your inner beauty, the stronger your desire, and the more focused your attention, the more powerful your creating.

Also, be prepared. Once you decide what you want, you'll be confronted with every personal belief that stands between you and your desired result. That’s the ‘catch’. To have what is wanted, we must move through its opposite, all that's not wanted, in order to accept and love it. In so doing, we re-member the beauty that we are, and, with that memory create our worlds.