RememberingJune 3rd, 2012
tags: remember

It’s a little like finding a favorite, old photograph you haven’t seen in a very long time. It’s of you, and seeing it takes you back to that moment, to how it felt. Bit’s and pieces come to mind - where you lived, who you loved, choices you made, highlights of that former version of yourself.

This is remembering, calling-up in our awareness the unclaimed pieces that float in the undercurrent of our conscious and unconscious thoughts. This is what I'll be collecting, the highlights that, brought together, form an unassailable memoryAnd in the calling-up, I hope to deepen and expand my understanding of the Truth, and see it in ever-greater detail and appreciation.

This is where I’ll share the Love that I find, and the challenges, here in this journal. As I consciously address and create my day-to-day life, I'll share it here. A little like a quest, but more like sacred ground, a place and time where I’ll allow myself to focus on the only thing that really matters - remembering the Love that we are.