It Changed EverythingJune 10th, 2012
tags: choices
It Changed Everything

It’s been a while, but I still use it as a reference point. It’s the decision that changed everything.

Up until that moment I was ambivalent. I wanted more love in my life, but I was tired. I’d done everything I could imagine - had loved my daughters, had read all the best books, had been in therapy, had come so far - but the experience of ‘true love’ still eluded me.

When the moment arrived, when Al needed me to stand by him, I had to make a call. I had to decide, did I really want it - enough to ignore the peanut gallery in my mind, enough to let go of my resentment, enough to let go of everything I’d been taught about how things are in ‘real life’?

That was the choice. Was mydesire to experience the Truth about myself powerful enough that I was willing to let go of everything in it’s way?

I made the call. I chose Love - in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary - I chose the deeper Truth - and it changed everything.