Thoughts on ChristDecember 8th, 2012
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Thoughts on Christ

As Christmas is here, I've turned my attention toward thoughts on Christ and the Love that he taught.I think I see a disconnect between what I believe were his intentions, and the way we've applied these teachings. (May I keep an open heart, even while noticing what is not open-hearted.)

The purpose of Christ’s teachings was to show us how to return to an awareness of the Love that we are, and the Love that connects us, so that we can enjoy our creative, learning process here on earth. His teachings were meant to enable us toward that goal - to open our eyes to the Truth about ourselves.Christ saw us through eyes of Love, not eyes that saw our imperfections and suffering.He did not see us as victims, but as sons and daughters of the Father - Divine Source."...the kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:21

I think there's a misunderstanding about compassion. It seems that compassion has come to mean "With an open heart, focus on, and identify with, the confusion and suffering of others." The way it was taught to me, if I didn't join the other in their suffering, I wasn't being compassionate. Christ's teaching to “love one another” was not an admonition to abandon our well-being for the sake of another, but a call to remember the truth about the Love we are. From that awareness of powerful Love, we are able to see clearly the needs and the beauty in the other, and respond in the most loving way.

Many of those who espouse and preach Christianity use it as a tool to judge and control others. Christ's words have been taught from pulpits raised above. This is the perspective created by systems assuming and misusing power - that they know better, and that we, the confused, suffering and imperfect, require their intervention to find our way. This is a lie. We already have the Love of which Christ spoke.

To know this Love, what's needed is for us to move beyond the beliefs that impede that knowing, including beliefs that cause our suffering, and those imposed by those in power. This is not easy - "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle." - but the expereince ofpowerfu Love is available to each us.

HUMILITY = accurate perception. Love is a very horizontal experience, no-one is above another. Knowing Love finds us in the correct relationship to Source. You cannot nuture the awareness of beauty and Love while convinced of another's imperfection, suffering, victimhood - basic 'wrongness'. You can only nurture the beauty in another from an awareness of their beauty - and your own. Address any immediate 'need' while,at the same time,remembering what's more True.

Christ not only showed us the way, he created a path, as did Buddha and the other masters. They created a stream of Truth that will, if we open our hearts to it, return us to the awareness of Beauty and Love in ourselves. Theirthoughts, words and actions are the reference points that, if chosen, will produce enlightenment, a perception originating from the perspective of Source.

Merry, Merry Christmas.