On Being An OriginalOctober 7th, 2012
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On Being An Original

Elvis had it. Sure, it was sex appeal, but it was more than that. Van Gogh had it and there’s nothing sexy about haystacks and cypress trees. Mozart had it, and Einstein. I’ve noticed it for a long time, ever since Elvis’ 1968 T.V. special - you know the one - he’s in black leather.

I’ve never tried to put it into words - that irresistible, intangible human quality that makes my soul reel. I call them “originals” and it’s a very select group - Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando. They’ve got something the others don’t.

My guess is they’re willing, and able, to access a place in themselves that’s not readily available to the rest of us. From that place, they deliver something - a performance, idea, piece of art - that feels untainted. It isn’t just that their ideas and inspirations are original, it’s that they carry the quality of having arrived from a place untouched by conditioning, and it touches an unconditioned place in me. I can feel it. They’re not trying to please.

Content is everywhere. The easier it becomes to “cut and paste”, and the more acceptable it becomes to recycle information, the more valuable originality becomes. I want to come from that untouched place. I want to be an original.