About Me

1959. Born sixth of six children - all under the age of six - the "quiet" half of an identical set.

1968. Learn to say "r's" like "r's" instead of "w's".

1972. Get special assignments in 8th-grade art class because I'm a natural.

1975. Father promoted and family moves to Honolulu. Ninth move, fourth state, third high school. Realize I'm the ugly twin. Introduced to Jane Austen, Louise May Alcott and the Bronte sisters.

1976. Start college at Brigahm Young University.

December 1979. Marry in Mormon temple "for time and all eternity". I'm 20.

August 1980. Get stretch marks.

October 1980. Fall in love for the first time, with an 8 lb. miracle. I name her Erin.

August 1981. Graduate from college with a B.S. in Sociology.

March 1983. Fall in love again - with an 8 lb. 6 oz. miracle. I name her Emrie.

1984. Introduced to Ayn Rand, Sylvia Plath and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

1986. Start pottery class at local community college and make first non-church friends. Realize the love in my life is happening with my daughters, not at church.

1988. Start graduate degree in Social Work. Stop attending church. File for divorce. Introduced to Joseph Campbell, C.W. Jung and Albert Bundura.

1988. Discover my body.

1990. Complete MSW. Move 'home' to California to find job and raise daughters.

1997. Run San Francisco Marathon in 4:14. Introduced to Carolyn Myss, Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Toni Morrison.

1991. Meet Al.

1999. Meet Mother Meera.

November 2000. Say good-by to Al after 9+ years of drama, lies, love, manipulation, confusion, sex and learning.

October 17th, 2001. Answer the door when Al comes asking for my help.

October 24th, 2001. X-ray shows a mass in Al's left frontal lobe. I forgive Al and commit to stay with him no matter what.

December 10th, 2001. Emergency surgery confirms a brain tumor. I leave my job as director of a non-profit to care for him.

Spring 2002. Discover Big Love.

July 13th, 2002. Al dies.

July 2002. Introduced to Kabbalah, Paulo Coelho, yoga, Pema Chodron, Buddhism, Bill Bryson, Rumi, Karen Armstrong, meditation, Gnosticism, John Kabat Zinn, body/energy work, Robert Monroe and more. Learn which beliefs and practices bring me back to my Self.

Fall 2008. Begin writing my story. Decide to call it Forgiven.

Spring 2009. Paint first portrait in oils.

January 2012. Decide to keep writing and creating in hopes of reaching other women.